Welcome to Romance corner
Come join the crowed at cobblestone hookah bar
where the fun call it home
Sacramento #1 Hookah bar, variety of hookah flavors to enjoy
Music and dance floor, excitement
and much much more.
Testimonial #1-GIN
I Love Pappas!.I’ve been hanging out here
for three years, and we always have
fun The people are cool.The food is to die
for and the atmosphere is chill.Cobblestone
is the best place to be in the weekend. .
Testimonial #2- Mark
Cobblestone Cobblestone. the best hookah bar
in Sacramento town.So come down and enjoy the wonderful flavor able life of hookah.
Testemonial #3
Cobblestone café is the hottest spot in town. It is diverse, fun and gives everybody something to do. So come hang out and enjoy a fun place to socialize, dance, and smoke hookah. You’ll never want to leave once you get here.
Cobblestone grill
Cobblestone makes your vist confortable and enjoyable, a variety of Soft drinks,grilled and fast foods available. Our Hookahs have apple,grape and multiple other flavors to chose from.